August 23, 2007 at 04:27 PM EDT

I wake up to T.I.’s voice every morning, though, sadly, no,we’re not dating.

The rapper with the southern drawl and intriguing split personality provides my daily ringtone wake-up call, though my roommates areprobably tired of hearing “YouKnow What It Is” (or as T.I. likes to say: ”You know what it iiiiiiii”) three times a day (I’m the queen of”Five More Minutes!”). But enough about my morning dalliances withT.I.; his song is just one of several ringtones in my repertoire, and each onehas a specific purpose. Don’t judge:

When I hear Weezy say “Young Stunna,”I know thatmy Dad is calling me — probably to yell at me for wasting my money onthings like ringtones (Hi Daddy!). Or maybe I’ve stepped on therapper’s foot? Yes, embarrassingas it may be, my father’s ringtone is “Stuntin’Like My Daddy.” But I am!

For my little sister, it’s Maria Mena’s “You’rethe Only One” –- mostly because I think we’re the only two peoplewho understood how good this song really was. We first heard this on The N, inbetween Degrassi episodes. When itcomes to Degrassi and crazy ladieslike Maria Mena, she’s the only one whoknows exactly what I mean.

When my beau calls, I hear Esthero’s “Everyday Is a Holiday (With You).” Cheesy? Sure. But that whole bit about, “when I think of you, you’re thecrescendo to the melody, that melody I love,” awww!

Okay, I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough here, butfor good measure, my standard ringtone is Regina Spektor’s”Fidelity,” just because I love that song! And rest assured, myphone remains on silent mode while at work/public places. But now it’s your turn: Do you guys haveringtones? Are they methodically programmed like mine? And — trivia time! — did you know Henry Mancini’s “The Pink Panther” holds at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Ringtones chart after 147 weeks? Who says PopWatch doesn’t bring you news you can use?

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