The comedian confirms he's headed to Atlanta to do a documentary for HBO about the Bonner Brothers Hair Show, which he describes as ''like a black Comic-Con''

By Josh Wolk
August 19, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Dan Steinberg/

After directing himself in I Think I Love My Wife, and lending his voice to pal Jerry Seinfeld’s animated comedy, Bee Movie, Chris Rock needs to take a break — so he’s goin’ to see the barber(s).

After talking about it for some time, Rock now confirms that for his next project he will head to Atlanta to make a comic HBO documentary on the Bonner Brothers Hair Show, the world’s biggest expo for black hairstylists. ”It’s my Michael Moore-ish movie,” he says. ”It’s a Hoop Dreams for a black hair show.” Rock originally heard about the enormous annual event — held from Aug. 18 to 21 — from Tyler Perry. ”Contestants come from all over the world to compete,” says Rock. ”It’s like a black Comic-Con.”

Before attending the convention, Rock and his director, Jeff Stilson (a producer and writer on The Chris Rock Show, and veteran of Da Ali G Show and The Osbournes) traveled to Birmingham, Memphis, and Dallas, to interview and tape some of the hairdressers as they prepped for the event. And don’t expect anything cut-and-dried from these stylists: they mean business. ”I’m not making this up,” says Rock. ”Someone’s doing hair underwater.”