By EW Staff
Updated August 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Karen Neal

8-9 PM · ABC · Returns Sept. 27

Remember the cliff-hanger for Betty’s sister, Hilda — i.e., is Santos really dead? Says actress Ana Ortiz, ”Let me put it this way — Hilda’s probably going to start dating this season.” Ortiz says Six Feet Under‘s Freddy Rodriguez will be part of ”a love triangle with Henry and Betty [Christopher Gorham and America Ferrera].” (How delightfully kinky for Betty!) And: ”I think Hilda’s gonna open her own salon! In Queens! She’ll try to be a businesswoman, like [Vanessa Williams’] Wilhelmina.” Speaking of Wilhelmina, she’s getting married! And among her bridesmaids is none other than Victoria Beckham (as herself). How posh! And expect a musical episode. Show-tunes-loving Justin (Mark Indelicato) is finally ready for his close-up!