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After last season’s rising tension between brothers Charlie (David Krumholtz) and Don (Rob Morrow), they’re in a better place, says Krumholtz. ”Now that Don’s in therapy, he’s more willing to take his younger brother’s advice without looking at it as being condescending.” Other people, however, may remain resentful of Charlie, notes exec producer Cheryl Heuton. ”He’s going to have a piece of his work gain him notoriety outside of math. He doesn’t know how to handle it.” Val Kilmer will be showing up in the season 4 premiere as a criminal mastermind named — get this — Mason Lancer. But the star power doesn’t stop there, as the premiere will be directed by exec producer Tony Scott (Man on Fire, Top Gun): ”He’s shooting it in a different, more sophisticated way,” says Heuton. ”The cuts’ll be faster.” We feel a Top Gun homage coming on: Krumholtz feels the need…for speed!


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