By EW Staff
August 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Trae Patton

10-11 PM · NBC · Debuts Sept. 26

CONCEPT A cop (Band of Brothers‘ Damian Lewis) is freed after years of wrongful imprisonment and, with the help of his former prison buddy, Ted (Adam Arkin), approaches life in a wacky, Zen-like fashion while eating tons of fruit!

THE SCOOP The series is both a cop show and a character study about a guy rejoining the real world. ”Usually when you go to the B story, you go to some flabby soap story — a guy goes home to his wife or his relationship with his daughter,” says Lewis. ”But here you get a prolonged look at this man’s personal circumstances.” As well as a central mystery: Who set him up?

BOTTOM LINE The likable Lewis almost pulls off his aggressively daffy role — seriously, this guy eats silly amounts of fruit — but this won’t be everyone’s cup of (lemon, plum, or orange pekoe) tea.