10-11 PM · CBS · Returns Sept. 24

The big news out of Miami is, as coexec producer Sunil Nayar puts it, ”Horatio [David Caruso] has a son. The sixth-season premiere, there’ll be three suspects, prison parolees. One of them, you’ll discover, is his son. It’s really cool the way [viewers] and Horatio figure out the reality of the situation. We’re really gonna commit to this theme of fathers and sons.” Also look for an unexpected character return: Speedle (Rory Cochrane), who left in 2004, is back! And we gotta ask: How has the show reacted to those YouTube montages of Caruso taking off his sunglasses repeatedly. ”We loved it,” says Nayar. ”I know there’s a tongue-in-cheek approach to the whole thing. It’s something to be embraced, because there’s no reason not to.” So keep whippin’ ’em off, Dave!

CSI: Miami
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