Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Brett Ratner talk about their latest project

By Carrie Bell
Updated August 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

On why it took six years to round up the old gang
JACKIE CHAN Every time I call Chris, he is on the beach. He says, ”Jackie, I love you, but I am so tired. I am still tired from the last movie.” I say back to him, ”How can you be tired? It was so many years ago and I am the one who is old.”
CHRIS TUCKER I was doing humanitarian work around the world, mostly in Africa. While he was making his silly blockbusters, I was saving lives. Take that, Jackie Chan! I got a little vacation time in, too, but mostly I was feeding my soul helping people — instead of doing the Hollywood thing.
BRETT RATNER, DIRECTOR It was a matter of finding the time for all three of us to be available and getting a good script. It took 20 years to build the pyramids, 13 years for me to lose my virginity, and only six years to get Chris Tucker on a plane to France to make this movie. The wait was worth it.

On the bigger, badder stunts, including one small leap off the Eiffel Tower
BR I have gotten to do some cool stuff in my career as a director, and go to some cool places, but being able to turn the lights on or off on the Eiffel Tower made me feel like the most powerful man alive. But if I didn’t trust Jackie and his team so wholeheartedly, I would have had a heart attack up there because it was a dangerous place to be.
CT The Eiffel Tower bit was hard. That steel was very cold and let’s just say there was some chafing involved. But it looks cool so I guess it is all good. The chafing has long since cleared up.
JC I love the scene where we sing. Fighting and stunts I don’t like anymore, but I have to do them to get jobs. That’s what people want from me. Dancing and singing is my hobby now, and I wish I could have another career as a singer. I wanna be like Elvis, but I think my fans would be so mad at me if I stopped throwing myself around and punching.

On the chances of a fourquel
JC You tell me. I love these movies. Of course, I’d have to drag Chris off the beach again.