Films coming out in November 2007 -- ''Day Zero,'' ''All That Really Matters,'' and ''Pathology'' are some of the movies coming out this month

By EW Staff
August 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

War Dance follows a group of children from Uganda’s refugee camps on their quest to win a music competition (Nov. 2)…. Brian De Palma’s ”fictional documentary” Redacted takes what is certain to be a controversial look at soldiers fighting the Iraq war (November)…. The late Clash singer gets his due in Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, a.k.a. ”the documentary that brought Bono to Sundance” (Nov. 2)…. Two foreign films that got bumped from last summer resurface: Looking For Cheyenne is about French lesbians (Nov. 16) and Eleven Men Out tells the story of a gay Icelandic soccer player. Seriously, that can’t be an easy one to market in America (Nov. 2)…. OMG the draft is back, and you gots to report in 30 days. Oh, wait. It’s just a movie: day Zero, starring Elijah Wood (Nov. 2)…. Michelle Pfeiffer (”older woman”) falls for Paul Rudd (”younger man”) in All That Really Matters Nov. 9)…. Frank Langella, Lauren Ambrose, and Lili Taylor are a trio of artfully neurotic New Yorkers in Starting Out in the Evening (Nov. 2)…. Aaja Nachle tells the story of a woman who brings laughter and dance to her small town. Unlike all those other Bollywood movies (Nov. 30)…. Thomas Kin Kade’s The Christmas Cottage will glow gently from above your great-aunt’s mantelpiece (Nov. 30)…. Flawless unites Michael Caine and Demi Moore in jewelry heisting (Nov. 30)…. And in Pathology, a bunch of med students including Heroes ‘ Milo Ventimiglia hold a contest to see who can commit the perfect murder. Makes those Flatliners kids look like wusses, don’t it? (Nov. 30).