The actress talks about getting emotional in Noah Baumbach?s ''Margot at the Wedding''

By EW Staff
August 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW What were your first impressions of Noah Baumbach?

KIDMAN We met in a coffee shop and just clicked. It’s funny because he’s shy and I’m shy, so at the meeting we didn’t say much. [Laughing] And it was brief!

EW Was there something in particular that drew you to the script?

KIDMANHe’s such an unusual, uncompromising writer. I remember him saying he found it fascinating how a lot of people think, ”Because they’re my family, we should all get along.” And they don’t. Plus, there are very few films where the big roles are so well written for two women.

EW What was tricky about tackling the role of Margot?

KIDMAN She’s having a breakdown. She’s a raw, angry woman in that very precarious place of feeling like she’s wasted her life. I kept saying to Noah, ‘Please, I need her to have a heart.’

EW Any movies you watched to prepare?

KIDMAN Old Woody Allen and Bergman films, bless his soul.