After writing for December's ''Walk Hard,'' the ''Knocked Up'' director talks about switching roles

By EW Staff
August 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW Did you enjoy just being on the writing end after directing Knocked Up?

APATOW [Walk Hard] was so enormous, and complicated. Every time I’d walk on the set I’d look at Jake [Kasdan] and say, ”Thank God it’s you and not me. I’m going to go to my trailer and take a nap.”

EW One does get the impression that the current comedy troupe you’ve corralled is a lot like hanging out in the most fun dorm ever.

APATOW Comedy people like each other. It’s fun to call Justin Long and say, ”Hey, do you want to play George Harrison?” And then Justin Long, shockingly, has an incredible George Harrison impression. Who has a great George Harrison impression?

EW You’ve already had a banner year. Do you feel this movie is going to help or hurt your 2007 legacy?

APATOW I assume 2007 will be seen as a solid year in my career, followed by a very quick, stunning flameout. And everyone will say, ”I guess he was out of gas. That’s what he had to offer.” And it’s over. But at least it ends with us telling a very important story that we all can learn from.