By Michael Slezak
Updated August 04, 2020 at 11:15 AM EDT

So this morning, I got the most entertaining death threat ever — delivered fresh to my email inbox — in the form of a surprisingly sophisticated little video clip. Thankfully, it wasn’t from a rabid David Caruso fan, furious with my recent blog post about his failure to score an Emmy nod, but rather, part of a nifty (albeit twisted) promotional campaign for the premiere of Dexter (overseas, I think).

My best guess is that Dexter is angry because I still haven’t watched the last six episodes of his first season on Showtime. But I’m planning to — before the summer is over. Now stop writing my name in blood on the wall, dude!

Anyway, I’m wondering what everyone else thinks about this campaign (click here to check it out for yourself): Would you send this to someone you love, or is it too disturbing to be taken lightly?