What's so great about ''The Muppet Show: Season 2'' -- Bob Hope, Weezer, and Milton Berle are some of the reasons to pick up the new boxed set


EVERYONE’S A CRITIC When Milton Berle takes the stage to do a stand-up routine, he gets into a hilarious back-and-forth with hecklers Statler & Waldorf. ”I’d like to see you come down here and be funny,” yells an aggravated Berle. Waldorf’s reply: ”You first!”

THE SURREAL WORLD The Show gets all meta by canceling the show for auditions. Guest Steve Martin performs for a mostly empty audience and gets attacked by a balloon. As if that weren’t weird enough, Statler & Waldorf do a song-and-dance routine!

ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES 1974’s The Muppets Valentine Show, which aired two years before the series began, gives a glimpse of the madness to come…but the star is some dude named Wally, a shades-wearing hipster who sounds a lot like piano-playing dog Rowlf.

THEY’RE WITH THE BAND In perhaps the most nerd-tastic DVD extra ever, the gang joins Weezer for their 2002 music video ”Keep Fishin’.” When Miss Piggy kidnaps the drummer, Animal fills in on the skins. Guess he gives the band their ”edge.”