See what we think of David Hasselhoff, Vern Yip, and Mary Murphy

By Tanner Stransky
August 10, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

David Hasselhoff
Signature sound bites are fine (at least until they get dawg-tired), but constantly telling so-so America’s Got Talent contestants they ”nailed it” and you’re ”blown away” is a cop-out. Either he’s got terrible taste or he’s lying. Which is worse? D+

Mary Murphy
She’s the Paula of So You Think You Can Dance, except she can be critical…and even lovable. Murphy knows technique, balances Nigel Lythgoe’s British pomp, and is often good for a laugh. Or, more precisely, a shrill scream. We’d ride on her ”hot tamale train” any day. A

Vern Yip
A tad robotic and stone-faced, the former Trading Spaces designer guides the style mavens on HGTV Design Star with — sigh — little drama. Yip should let his opinions rip more often (lose the restraint!), but he earns points for laying on loads of usable advice. B-