Hear Duran Duran's track with Justin and Timbaland, exclusively on EW.com. Plus: We rate hot new jams from M.I.A., Foo Fighters, Rihanna, and others

By Leah Greenblatt and Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated August 09, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hear Duran Duran’s track with Justin and Timbaland

The newly sassy R&B belter and the perennial rap charmer lend their real-life chemistry to this call-and-response collab. With both lovebirds soon to release solo discs, the up-tempo duet doubles as quite the cross-promotional venture — and a catchy one, to boot. (Album out winter 2007) A-

M.I.A., ”Boyz”
Those who loved the genre-smashing Sri Lankan hipster’s 2005 debut are sure to go wild for her latest single, which weaves rhythmic chants, thumping beats, and festive cheers. (Album out Aug. 28) A-

VANESSA CARLTON, ”Nolita Fairytale”
These days, the folk-pop princess records for gangsta-rap impresario Irv Gotti’s The Inc., but her piano-driven melodies remain as dreamy and delicate as ever. Her first single in two years is a shimmering burst of downtown-NYC bliss. (Album out Oct. 9) B+

FOO FIGHTERS, ”The Pretender”
Clearly fatherhood has not mellowed Dave Grohl, whose fierce yowl ”What if I say I?m not like the others?/What if I say I will never surrender?” anchors this sprawling, guitar-punishing anthem. Ooh, Dad is mad! (Album out Sept. 25) B+

KENNY CHESNEY, ”Never Wanted Nothing More”
Classic-rock power chords mingle with bluegrass pickin’ as the Tennessee native looks back fondly on memories of teenage desire and religious awakening: ”I’m what I am and I’m what I’m not/I’m sure happy with what I’ve got.” (Album out Sept. 11) B+

No, it’s not a remake of everyone’s favorite Wilson Phillips number. It’s a sharp, midtempo rocker from the Scottish singer-songwriter behind last year’s inescapable ”Suddenly I See.” (Album out Sept. 18) B+

RIHANNA, ”Don’t Stop the Music”
More like Don’t Stop the Baby Diva. This stand-out track from her third release in as many years is a straight-up club banger hinged on a chunk of Michael Jackson’s ”Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.” (Album out now) B+

EVE FEAT. SEAN PAUL, ”Give It to You”
The chill Philly gal takes a jaunt to Jamaica and winds up with a breezy, bouncy dancehall groove. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the last few beach parties of the summer. (Album out Sept. 18) A-

RILO KILEY, ”The Moneymaker”
What the funk? L.A.’s favorite indie-pop outfit unleashes a bona fide party starter, with a snaky, indelible guitar line and alt sexpot Jenny Lewis grinding out a seriously dirty chorus of ”ah”s. (Album out Aug. 21) A-

DURAN DURAN, ”Night Runner”