By Amy Ryan
Updated August 07, 2007 at 08:23 PM EDT

And you thought making a Monopoly movie was a silly idea. From the Dept. of How the Hell Are They Going to Make a Movie Out of This? comes word that Disney plans to adapt The Dangerous Book for Boys. It’s a parodic how-to volume with no real plot or characters, but it’s a best-seller, so therefore, it must be adapted for the screen. The one bright spot of this story is that the producer is Scott Rudin, who has a long history of turning seemingly unadaptable literary properties into movies. If he could make a film out of The Hours, he can probably handle Dangerous.

As for Monopoly, Ridley Scott tells the Los Angeles Times how he’s sure he’ll be able to turn the venerable board game into a funny and “rather exciting” film. (It helps that he’s thinking of casting Scarlett Johansson — is she going to play the shoe or the iron?) Again, Scott’s one of Hollywood’s most inventive directors, so if anyone can turn this dubious idea into a viable movie, it’s the guy who made Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, and Gladiator. Still, they’d better give Candy Land to Tarantino and Hungry Hungry Hippos to Scorsese, or all bets are off.