Top 50 Tearjerker Movies, ''Trapped in the Closet,'' ''Top Chef,'' and more

By EW Staff
Updated August 03, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. The Top 50 Tearjerkers
From classics like Old Yeller to more recent weepies like The Notebook, these movies are guaranteed to mess with your mascara — or your machismo.

2. More Scoops and Exclusives
Has Clint Eastwood retired from acting? Daniel Radcliffe talks about reading Deathly Hallows. J.J. Abrams, Leonard Nimoy, and Zachary Quinto on Star Trek.

3. Top Chef Game
Our expert says Sam Talbot is a shoo-in as Top Chef‘s all-time top contestant. Vote online!

4. New Orleans Revisited
Two years after Katrina destroyed the Big Easy, EW takes a look at the rebounding entertainment scene and how the disaster continues to affect the proud city’s culture.

5. Exclusive Video
Log on for chapter 12.5 of R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet. The maestro of hip-hopera sets the stage for chapters to come later this month.