By Mandi Bierly
August 02, 2007 at 06:55 PM EDT

Are you saving the enjoyment of a certain movie, book, album, or TV show for some kind of perfect moment? Here’s why I’m asking. Late last week, I was IM-ing my friend Eva about how much I wanted a “your wand’s too measley for ginny weasley” T-shirt, as naturally I would. She responded, “Cute… Had I read the books, I’d be all over them.” What?! Knowing how much she loves anything dark and teen angsty, I asked her why she hadn’t read Harry Potter (at least from Order of the Phoenix on), using some language that probably isn’t appropriate to repeat. She said she needed to wait until the final book was published before she started the series because she “has no patience for that kind of stuff.” Actually, I think she has incredible patience. Especially after she proceeded to tell me, “I still have a few Smiths albums I won’t buy because I want to wait until I ‘need’ them. I waited like 20 years for The Shining, and then found a perfect Halloween… and hated the movie.”

Do you all do this? I used to think only my friend Tamara was this kind of crazy: She received The English Patient audiobook, read by her favorite man, Ralph Fiennes (pictured), as a present in 1997. She told us all that she would save it for the “perfect day.” The seal still isn’t broken. That was 10 years ago. What are you waiting to savor — and why?

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