By Amy Ryan
Updated August 01, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

Having launched Tuesday with a fair bit of fanfare, MyDamnChannel may remind you of YouTube, FunnyOrDie, or any number of other video-clip aggregator sites, but there are a few key differences. First, the site’s content will come primarily from professionals; MyDamnChannel has signed long-term talent deals with such prolific producers as Harry Shearer (look for my Q&A with the Spinal Tap/Simpsons star later this week on, David Wain (of The State and Stella fame), and veteran record producer Don Was. Second, each of these folks (as well as some players to be named later) will be releasing mini-episodes on a regular schedule, like a TV network.

Third, CEO Rob Barnett tells me that, even though it might make advertisers skittish, he’s promising his talent that they’ll have complete creative freedom. Also uncensored will be user contributions, whether in the form of comments (You wanna tell Barnett and Shearer that their site sucks? Go ahead.) or video submissions to the site’s “Hot Mental Freedom” channel — though, for the sake of focus, and so that MyDamnChannel doesn’t become a repository of piano-playing-cat videos, amateurs will be asked to make videos inspired by pre-selected hot topics. (Unlike the rest of the site, Hot Mental Freedom will be ad-free.)

Still, right now, thanks to Shearer and Wain, MyDamnChannel is launching as a mostly comedy-oriented site. (Was’ channel will be musical, featuring his interviews with famous rocker pals and a free-form ‘Net radio show that’s basically a shuffle of his massive iPod.) Naturally, there’s a spoof of FunnyOrDie’s notorious “Landlord” clip, plus Shearer’s series of politically satirical music videos (yep, that’s an unrecognizable Shearer as Dick Cheney) and Wain’s series “Wainy Days,” which looks like it’ll be about the adventures of David Wain, single Brooklyn schlemiel. Check out Wain’s first episode, below, and let us know if, frankly, you give a you-know-what about hisdamnchannel.