Split Decision on ''My Boys'' -- Jennifer Armstrong loves the show, but Whitney Pastorek doesn't buy P.J.'s tomboy shtick

By Whitney Pastorek and Jennifer Armstrong
Updated July 27, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Split Decision on ”My Boys”


These days, chick TV characters I’d actually like to hang out with are even scarcer than funny sitcoms. So when My Boys came along and delivered both a great new TV friend in sportswriter P.J. Franklin (Jordana Spiro) and pleasant laughs, I was more than willing to look past its shortcomings (cheesy voice-over and obnoxiously ”girlie” best-friend character, I’m looking at you). TBS’ signature original series offers a truly relatable look at the struggles of a single gir — only this single girl happens to like poker and baseball and hoodies and sneakers. Which is why watching My Boys is like spending summer eating deep-dish pizza and hanging out at Wrigley with some only-slightly-cuter-than-regular-folks who are also pretty amusing. And who wouldn’t want to do that? —Jennifer Armstrong


I’m a girl, I’m a writer, and my entire existence can be summed up by the phrase ”baseball and hoodies and sneakers,” but I’m about as close to being P.J. Franklin as Manny Ramirez is to being normal. That’s because her tomboyism isn’t real, it’s recreational — just an excuse to hang out with boys, wear sassy tank tops, and use lame sports metaphors in her voice-over. P.J.’s never on deadline, she’s too skinny to be a real beer drinker, and — here’s your dead giveaway — no true Cubs fan is that cheerful. Plus, if the sports on this series were any more watered down, it would be about swimming. TBS had the chance to make a show about a rare breed of woman; instead, it gave us MLB Barbie. Now I know why my doctor friends always bitch about ER. —Whitney Pastorek