By Joshua Rich
July 26, 2007 at 05:04 AM EDT

Don’t know about you, PopWatchers, but today’s big news about Harold Perrineau’s return to Lost has me as befuddled as the show’s mesmerizing season finale. Seriously, I just can’t figure out whether I’m glad about this. On the one hand, Perrineau was always one of my favorite actors on Lost (specifically, I’d say he ranks behind only Terry O’Quinn and Josh Holloway), and his sudden departure two seasons ago left me feeling empty inside. On the other hand, the series has been so peaceful and quiet without Perrineau’s Michael screaming “Walt!” at every turn. I’m really torn.

Then again, either way, this bit of news raises an even more important conundrum: What’s going to happen on Lost now that Michael’s back? Will he and Walt return to the island? What will they be up to? How is the show’s brain trust going to handle the fact that Malcolm David Kelley will have aged even more noticeably since the last time he appeared as Walt? And what’s Michael gonna be shrieking about this time?