By Annie Barrett
Updated July 25, 2007 at 04:57 AM EDT

Discovery Channel is investigating its very popular series Man vs. Wild, after Britain’s Channel 4 accused host Bear Grylls of sleeping in hotels, Survivor Reward-style, instead of roughing it in the middle of nowhere like he’s supposed to. (At the beginning of each episode Grylls is airlifted into the wilderness, where he’s supposed to stay, presumably until filming ends.) In addition to Grylls’ apparent weakness for turndown service, Channel 4 claims the crew — part of production company Diverse Television — has helped him by pre-assembling rafts and performing other various tasks to ensure he doesn’t die.

To which I say… Duh! Of course some of it’s staged. It’s a TV show. Also, Bear never seems that terribly cranky when he’s supposedly starving. Take the clip below, in which he takes a whole minute to cheerfully explain why he’s really psyched to gnaw into a live fish.

So when he says, “This is just the energy I need for today,” what he really means is That short stack ‘n’ bacon just didn’t cut it. This does take a certain thrill away from his self-satisfied “At lahhhst. Food,” which is what I’m going to start saying whenever I eat.

Whatever. The guy’s still a badass. And crazy. And, “At lahhhst. Food.”