By Marc Vera
July 24, 2007 at 04:00 PM EDT

I saw Dirty Dancing when it came out 20 years ago (and manytimes since) and was always entranced with the lakeside setting, the lovestory, and the soundtrack. What neverentered my mind was, “I’d sure like to play a video game based on thisfilm.” Fatal Attraction, yes, Dirty Dancing, no. But what do I know? Apparently, not much, since Dirty Dancing — The Video Game, from the folks at Codemasters Online Gaming, is set to come outlater this year. (Please tell me you areas confused as I am.) I don’t quite understand how it’ll work, but apparentlyit’s a “puzzler” where you earn camp dollars by doing “funmini-games” (probably making up the beds, serving food to guests, etc.) tobuy items for your cabin and lessons with Johnny and Penny. The game even ends in a dance contest. I’m not sold… sounds boring.

But hold on a sec… nobody puts Baby’s video game in a corner. On closer look, the press release saysit’s a casual game, so maybe it’ll be like Diner Dash! You get to be the server at the resortwhile dodging Johnny and Penny as they fling each other around the dance floor.Now, that would be fun, but do we really need this? A Dirty Dancing video game? I guess this means a Three Men and a Babygame, complete with diaper changing challenges, can’t be far behind; it’s their 20thanniversary too!

Fess up, PopWatchers, will you be playing the Dirty Dancing game when it comesout?

addCredit(“Dirty Dancing: Everett Collection”)