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The Con

In 2005, twin Canadian rockers Tegan and Sara got a chance to win over an army of couch potatoes and McDreamy-eyed housewives when no fewer than five songs from their critically adored fourth album, So Jealous, were featured on the first season of ABC’s medical shagathon Grey’s Anatomy. Though the duo’s sound was sorely missing from the soap’s second season — only one track, from a pre-Jealous record, made the cut — guitarist-vocalists Tegan and Sara are back with The Con, a collection of angsty, catchy pop that’s also ideal for scoring the antics of young doctors in heat.

Come next fall, Seattle Grace’s plucky residents ought to be rushing through the hospital’s halls saving lives to the exuberant keys of ”Back in Your Head” or the Green Day-esque ”Hop a Plane.” Dashing Dr. Shepherd couldn’t ask for chillier tumor-removal music than ”Knife Going In,” with its dire guitar melody, synths pulsing like a heart monitor, and lyrics such as ”Do you think I’ll make it to the morning if it’s written?/Stitch it up.” And watching weepy heroine Meredith Grey finally scrap her ill-advised romance with Shepherd would certainly be more satisfying to the tune of the sanguine and expertly harmonized breakup anthem ”Call It Off.” ”Maybe you would have been something I’d be good at,” Tegan and Sara reflect, ”but now we’ll never know.” Then again, perhaps that’s too wise a resolution for prime time. B+

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The Con
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