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By EW Staff
Updated July 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

The List Not To Be Missed
I thoroughly enjoyed your EW 100, especially the props given to three Minnesota natives: Steve Zahn, Prince, and Laura Osnes. Must be something in the water up here.
Jamie Plaisance

Thank you for recognizing Alan Rickman in your EW 100. Professor Snape has emerged as J.K. Rowling’s most compelling character, and with each withering eyebrow arch and judgmental lip curl, Rickman embodies Snape as no other actor could.
Wendy Lapham
Newark, Del.

Finally! Chiwetel Ejiofor is getting some love! I originally saw him as the baddie in Serenity, where he was so cold and calculated…[but] ever since Kinky Boots I’ve been in love with ”Chewy.” I never see interviews with him anywhere — thank you!
Sonia Cavazos
Wadsworth, Ill.

I was really pleased to see Emile Hirsch finally get his due in your EW 100 issue. Still, I was surprised you didn’t mention his best film: The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.
Ben Roberts
Boulder, Colo.

In an issue that showcased 100 of the best things in entertainment right now, I was most impressed by your preview of The Darjeeling Limited (News & Notes). In a time when remakes bombard theaters, fans are ready to discover the originality and humor of Wes Anderson’s movies.
Brian C. Cox

The Venture Bros.? This is the anime you put in your EW 100? Have you seen Trinity Blood or Basilisk? Now, that’s excellent anime!
Angela Davidson
Birmingham, Ala.

I had a good laugh today when I read that you had put Rihanna on the EW 100 list. The ”Umbrella” chick, right? No wonder music is in such a sorry state.
Debbie Almondo
New Castle, Del.

Hey There, Hater
Your list of ”32 Things We Hate” was directly to the point, and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. The only problem is that it stopped at 32. Perhaps a weekly ”10 More Things We Hate” is called for. I’d be glad to help.
Andrew Thomas

Shame on you, EW, for snarkily dismissing Ace of Cakes as one of the ”reality shows about mundane professions”! Ace of Cakes features a cast of appealing, entertaining, creative people doing amazing things. There is real drama in every episode, an abundance of ”wow” moments, and lots of footage of mouth-watering cakes. Take time to actually watch this immensely pleasing show — then I expect to see a public apology to Duff and the gang.
Julie Eschliman
Lincoln, Neb.

Now Hear This
Owen Gleiberman called the ”lack of celebrity voices” in Ratatouille a ”drawback” (Movies). If anything, it’s a fresh, invigorating feeling to watch an animated film without ”big” names. Hollywood stars should leave voice acting to the voice actors.
Timur Maskayev
Kingston, Pa.

Rat Patrol
What’s so novel or controversial about rats in the kitchen (News & Notes)? Ever seen The Muppets Take Manhattan?
Robert Applebaum
Staten Island

Suddenly Senior
I think it’s funny that Stephen King calls Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Hogan a ”geezer” when Hogan and King are both 59 years old (The Pop of King). Does that mean that Stephen is a geezer too?
Jeff Leiboff

Number of readers who mistakenly thought we digitally enhanced Hayden Panettiere’s figure on our cover
Number of readers who mistakenly thought, at first glance, that Pamela Anderson was on our cover


Suzanne Gates of Omaha, Neb., would watch one show 24 hours a day if she could: 24. ”I’ve been an avid watcher from day 1, hour 1.” Gates is most proud of her 24 Behind the Scenes book (signed by director Jon Cassar) and her new 24 ankle tattoo. ”People think I’m a Jeff Gordon fan,” she scoffs. ”As if!” Oh, and that Jack Bauer action figure she’s already ordered? We’re sure she’s counting the hours till it arrives next month!