By Mandi Bierly
July 19, 2007 at 10:27 PM EDT

What does your pop-culture cubicle decor say about you? Here’s why I’m asking: I recently got a new cube mate, Fred. The day he started, I was on vacation. The day I came back and met him, he told me he’d already checked out all my memorabilia. Not good. Suddenly I wished I’d thought of putting Post-It notes on select “pieces” before I left explaining their origins. For instance:

• I only have these two copies of the Showgirls V.I.P. Edition because I reviewed it.
• These authentic “Thanks for last night” autographs from Ryan Seacrest (close-up after the jump), Dave Coulier, and Coolio (the latter which says, “Thanx 4 last night & yesterday & the day B4. It was good!”) were given to me by friends as gifts. (I’d started the now-extensive collection in 1998, when I went to a Jon Stewart book signing and he didn’t know what to write inside.) 
• Speaking of books, I appreciate the absurd title and cover shot of How do I love thee kitty? — not cats.
• I really am busy. It’s just that I make time to put my face over Renee Zellweger’s on a Down with Love cut-out doll so that I can be with Ewan McGregor, and to craft Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe stick puppets. (Special shout-out to frequent PopWatch commenter furry_tom, who knows where I’m coming from.)

addCredit(“Cubicle décor: Mandi Bierly”)

• See, David Hasselhoff looks so happy in the photo I have of him on a tire swing that it makes me happy.
• I really want to put this stuffed animal dog on the giveaway table, but I feel guilty. I will never, however, get rid of this stuffed cat, a promotional item from the movie Cats & Dogs, because it reminds me of my former cubemate, Gilbert Cruz. He briefly inherited its name, Mr. Tinkles.
• That jar of clear liquid may or may not be moonshine. I wouldn’t open it, just in case.

Your turn.