No love for ''The Wire,'' ''Friday Night Lights'' or ''The Shield''?! But yay for recognizing ''30 Rock,'' Ricky Gervais, Jenna Fischer, and more. Here's EW's quick reaction, and a chance for you to post your own

By Gillian Flynn
Updated July 19, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Emmy nominations: Best and worst

I’m not sure how anyone involved with HBO’s The Wire can resist the urge to go fetal every time the Emmy nominations are announced, as they were this morning. And as, once again, The Wire — TV’s best drama, best ensemble, best…everything was ritualistically ignored. However, amidst some very odd choices, there were some bright spots. Some of the best and worst of the 2007 Emmy picks:

A second big boo to the Emmys for…
Ignoring NBC’s Friday Night Lights, the second-best drama on TV. If you must disregard the series itself, at least celebrate Connie Britton, who’s creating a new breed of TV mom-and-wife: funny, kind, sharp, and sexy.

But thanks for…
Recognizing the painful, subtle, funny work of Debra Messing on USA’s Starter Wife; Ricky Gervais’ ripping second season on HBO’s Extras; Neil Patrick Harris’ hilarious, series-making turn on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother; Vanessa Williams’ absolutely perfect diva-ness on ABC’s Ugly Betty; and of course the beautifully underplaying Jenna Fischer on NBC’s The Office.

And for the 30 Rock bonanza…
Nominated for Best Comedy (the Jack-has-a-heart-attack episode alone clinched it); Best Actress in a Comedy (Tina Fey plays a great, frazzled straight man, but her romance this year showed she had some leading-lady chops too); and of course Best Actor in a Comedy (for Alec Baldwin’s obsessive, neurotic-macho Jack Donaghy). If only Jack McBrayer had gotten a supporting nod for his pathologically pleasant Kenny the Page…next year, please.

Ease back a bit on…
The Felicity Huffman nominations. This woman is a hell of an actress, yes. And she lends some serious brains and sense to the daffy world of Desperate Housewives. And she won an Emmy already. This season, you could feel the writers handing her gigantic, weepy, overblown scenes so she could get another nod, and it skewed the entire show. She’s awesome, we get it; back down a little.

I must confess…
I was happy to see Jon Cryer get a nod for Two and a Half Men. I just like that guy.

And um…
You must have missed The Shield this season, because Walt Goggins blew everyone away.

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