By Amy Ryan
Updated August 04, 2020 at 07:08 AM EDT

No, we’re not slacking on the job, but we do want your help. As we’ve done for the past three weeks, we’ve left a slot open in the Must List in the upcoming issue of EW, a slot for you to fill with your pick for the best in current movies, TV, music, books, video games, websites, or other pop cultural artifacts. Please suggest up to three fresh entertainment items from your own Must List, and feel free to explain your choices. Also, please include your e-mail address. (We won’t publish it and we won’t share it — we just need it to contact you if your submission is chosen.) Your deadline is noon EDT on Thursday, July 19; your reward is everlasting glory (and by “everlasting,” we mean “lasting exactly one week”) in the form of a citation in the magazine if we pick your entry. Make us proud, PopWatchers.