By EW Staff
Updated July 18, 2007 at 07:40 PM EDT

If you’re like me, PopWatchers, your life revolves around waiting for the latest lolcats on I Can Has Cheezburger?. An ongoing stream of photos of cute animals in ridiculous situations with even more disarmingly cute, horribly misspelled captions? I can’t resist. Even Wikipedia has to yield to the lolcats’ undeniable charms in its ever-growing article: “See also: Cuteness.”

So it was with surprise and appreciation that I discovered my beloved lolcats and their endearing sans-serif fonts had made their way into the world of cartoon cats over at Achewood (pictured), a brilliantly subversive, often potty-mouthed webcomic written and drawn daily by Chris Onstad. Achewood uses a variety of characters to comment on modern life and current events: there’s Ray, the helicopter-owning record label impresario; Roast Beef, the depressive, cripplingly neurotic computer geek who happens to be Ray’s best friend; Philippe, a five-year old otter who once ran for President, and far too many more to list. The strip is heavily character-driven, taking on long story arcs (the best of which is the epic “Great Outdoor Fight”) between one-off gags, so it’s best to start at the beginning — but catch up quick, because this week’s strips have been bringing unprecedented lols.

In a nutshell, Ray makes himself a lolcat image and gets criticized byRoast Beef. After the two fight, Ray whips up a lolcat for his pal as away of making amends but somehow the picture winds up on the nightlynews. Beef, mid-coitus with his fiancée, happens to have the TV on. Theresult is perhaps the funniest single panel in Achewood history, andsurely one far more hilarious than an anonymous feline with bad grammar skillsriding an invisible bike. But give the strip a read, PopWatchers, andlet us know which deliver more lols: actual cats or cartoon cats?