By Mandi Bierly
July 17, 2007 at 06:28 PM EDT

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s having to change my opinion about someone. For years, I’ve been comfortable in the knowledge that I had a least favorite Spice Girl: Posh. But after watching last night’s Victoria Beckham: Coming to America special, it’s like I no longer know who I am. Victoria was simply too amusing for me to hate her (although I think I could rise to the occasion if NBC had run this as a series as initially planned). Am I really going to downgrade Baby?

A few other questions I’m asking myself after last night’s broadcast:

1. David Beckham wasn’t shirtless when the family arrived in America, was he? I had a screener from NBC, which turned out to be missing the final scene. More skin is the only thing I’d regret missing.

2. Has there ever been more botox in one room than at that Beverly Hills socialite lunch Victoria attended? They need their own series. The mermaid lady could dolphin-speak the theme song. The precise moment I realized I liked Victoria: When she said, “There’s only one way to go here. Get more drunk.” My philosophy exactly.

3. How did Victoria pass the written driver’s test? I’m sorry, but I had to take a written exam when I needed to transfer my license from Pennsylvania to New Jersey a few years back, and that test was hard. A few coworkers couldn’t believe that I was studying, so I gave them a practice test — they all failed.

4. Why isn’t Victoria ever photographed smiling?

5. Which was my favorite moment: Victoria in the earthquake simulator, Victoria grilling her new personal assistant on whether she found David attractive, or Victoria receiving the welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift basket and saying, “This is so American. I’ve seen Desperate Housewives”? I’m gonna go with earthquake simulator.

6. Why am I suddenly referring to her as Victoria instead of Posh, as if she’s a real person? Damn it.

UPDATE: If you missed it, NBC is re-airing this special on Thursday, July 19.