By Gregory Kirschling
Updated July 17, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

Take a look at this leaked clip from Todd Haynes’s upcoming unusual Bob Dylan movie, I’m Not There. It features Cate Blanchett done up as the Don’t Look Back-era Dylan, talking out a car window to David Cross, who looks a helluva lot like the guy he’s playing, poet Allen Ginsburg.

Given how long I’ve been waiting for this movie (Haynes’s last, Far From Heaven, came out in 2002), I wish I loved this clip a little more than I do. It looks great in black and white — and the idea of Ginsburg pulling up next to Dylan’s car in a golf cart works as a bewitching set piece — but I see more of Cate Blanchett in this short snippet than Bob Dylan. To get ultra-specific and dorky, I like the Dylanesque way she nails the lines “What does that even mean, man?” and “My salllllvation…,” but I didn’t buy the mimicky spin she puts on “I take that as an insult” and “That was Allen Ginsburg, man!” And seeing the scene out of context like this certainly does the movie no favors. Then again, whatever, I’m still eager to see it. You?