Here are tips on everything from clothes to security from MTV's extravagant reality show

CLOTHES All eyes will be on you, so hot threads (we’re talking designer or custom-made, kids) are an absolute must. If your hometown stores aren’t up to snuff, you can always hop a jet to Vegas or Paris for a quick shopping trip.

INVITATIONS Cards are so junior high. Build buzz for your big day with announcements that are either edible (miniature cakes) or collectible (silver medallions). Extra points if you hire models to hand-deliver them to lucky invitees.

TRANSPORTATION Your entrance has to be unforgettable, so walking in on foot (even on Manolos) is simply out of the question. Helicopters, horse-drawn carriages, and hunk-powered sedan chairs are all acceptable arrival vehicles.

SECURITY Nothing ruins a party faster than a freshman infestation. Savvy celebrants know to plan ahead and reserve rent-a-cops: They’ll dispatch those party-crashing underclassmen before they start causing any drama.

My Super Sweet 16
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