Cool concert merchandise -- Def Leppard, White Stripes, and other acts peddle their wares online

By Meeta Agrawal
July 13, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Can’t snag a ticket to this summer’s hottest shows (or can’t bring yourself to brave the thrashing masses)? Score the coolest concert merchandise without leaving the comfort of your couch. Just surf over to the musicians’ websites, order up the goods, and all you’ll be missing is the sweltering heat.

1 & 2 Tees for two Normally we’d say the concert tee is overdone. However, these — Rufus for him, Mayer for her — are anything but ho-hum (;

3 Top Act Bob Dylan wore his cowboy hat to play for the Pope, but no pressure — if yours stays hammock-side all summer, that’s cool too (

4 Uniformity This Army jacket will keep you warm long after the memory of a reunited Sting, Stewart, and Summers fades ($125,

5 Getting Cheeky You’ll need a toned bottom — or a ton of chutzpah — to bring JT’s signature song to your backside. Plus, we’re always suckers for a good pun (

6 Carry On Wear your hipster cred on your shoulder with this tote featuring a pre-grunged Kim Gordon (

7 Kid Rock While we can’t advocate taking a toddler to see the righteous ones in person, a little heavy-metal onesie never hurt anyone (

The Hot Pick Always thought Jack and Meg made a fetching pair? Now own them in miniature! These White Stripes USB flash drives come pre-loaded with Icky Thump and space for 512 MB of your most precious whatever (