By Bethonie Butler
Updated July 11, 2007 at 08:49 PM EDT

So I just finished watching the premiere of Katharine McPhee’s “Love Story” video on Yahoo! Music. (Click here to see for yourself.) It’s all pretty standard-issue: Kat wears a Beyoncé-ish dress; a wind machine makes her hair do pretty things; she strutsacross the floor, crawls across a table, and makes out with a dude who looksdisturbingly similar to K-Fed. And since it’s also my first time hearing the accompanying song, Ifeel it’s only appropriate that I present my thoughts Idol-style:

Inner Randy: Yo!Dawg, how you doin’? So, check this out, dawg… it was just OK for me. [Note from actualself: I may have an inner-Randy,but I would never say “dawg.”]

Inner Paula:You look really beautiful, Katharine! Pretty girl. Pretty dress. That was your best performance as a female.

Inner Simon: I don’treally get it. I just wish you could sing better.

Inner Ryan: So Inner Simon, you don’t think Katharine can sing?

Thing is, Inner Ryan (and McPhee fans), I do think Katharine can sing. Butthere’s something off about this song (and every other song I’ve heard from herself-titled debut). And it’s not just that the track — with its doo-wop-meets-Broadway-meets-Stevie-Nicks feel — is weirdly schizophrenic. I also get the strange sense that Katharine is holding back vocally. (It’s like Mandy Moore’s Scrubs character, with her “It’s so funny, but I’m notlaughing” shtick.) Why isn’t Katharine belting her lungs out on this one? Why so blasé about it all? If the Idol alumnus can’t bring herself to get excited about “Love Story,” then why in the world should I? Are you with me, PopWatchers, or do you think this is the video that’ll help change Katharine’s pop-chart trajectory from Justin to Kelly?