By Amy Ryan
July 09, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

EW Hit Lister Scott Brown and video artist Jason Averett aim to become viral video stars by hook or by crook. You remember their attempt to become YouTube superstars via their 2006 mini-farce “Cheater,” a.k.a. “Whose Leg Is This?” (made in collaboration with EW Senior Editor Jason Adams) — an effort chronicled in epic prose here, here, and here. Now, Brown and Averett are back, having created the music video below with EW alum Joel Stein and a much in-demand lyricist: Paris Hilton. Not that Hilton knew or could have even dreamed that her jailhouse journal jottings and her remarks to Larry King would inspire the majestic power ballad “A Process, a Gift, and a Journey,” sung by Brown.

Will Paris’ coattails make our heroes famous at last? Maybe. The clip has already been picked up by Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, and the celebrity chroniclers at People have also taken notice, in this awesomely-headlined article. What do you think, PopWatchers? Could this video help make its creators as famous as, say, Pearl? (But with, y’know, much longer careers?)

Paris Power Ballad