By Gillian Flynn
Updated July 06, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Magazine photographer Jenny McIntyre (Marisa Coughlan) is the bright, confident, occasionally hallucinating woman in Side Order of Life (which begins with a dream sequence involving Jenny walking down a wedding aisle in her panties). On the eve of her marriage to a man (90210‘s Jason Priestley) who may not be her soul mate (this seems to be a Lifetime requirement of some sort), Jenny finds out her best friend (Diana-Maria Riva) is dying of cancer. This ignites wacky visions: Her lens captures the burning heart of a man in love; the Hollywood sign spells out orders for her; strangers on the street are all suddenly wearing her hideous pink bridesmaid outfits. The whole ”mystical universe” business worked for Steve Martin in L.A. Story, but Coughlan is too perky and lite to seem a believable target for such ”live, love!” magical messaging. Jenny’s dying friend screams her own advice: ”Life is the main course, the appetizer, and the dessert!” So we may have no clue why the universe is meddling with this particular above-average gal, but at least we have an explanation for the incredibly uncatchy title. C