Joan Collins' memorable roles -- A pre-''Dynasty'' look ''Footballers Wive$''' new addition

By Tim Purtell
Updated July 06, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Joan Collins’ memorable roles

Before Footballers Wive$ and Dynasty, Joan Collins was 20th Century-Fox’s answer to Liz Taylor. The pics in the Joan Collins Collection are rarely stellar, but the actress is always a looker, and sometimes more.

The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing
As real-life chorine Evelyn Nesbit — she attracted the attentions of architect Stanford White (Ray Milland) and playboy Harry K. Thaw (Farley Granger) — a luscious Collins taps into surprising melancholy. Too bad the film doesn’t go as deep. B

Sea Wife
In a decent stretch, a deglamorized Collins plays a nun adrift in a raft with Richard Burton after their ship has been sunk by a Japanese sub. The drama is Lifeboat lite, but worth it just to see the future Alexis Carrington whispering to God. B

Stopover Tokyo
This poky thriller — starring Collins as an airline clerk helping Robert Wagner foil an assassination — is a perfect example of why her film career never reached Elizabethan heights. Her window-dressing role could have been played by any starlet. B-

Rally ‘Round The Flag, Boys!
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward may be the stars of this pallid suburban satire, but Collins stands out as a sexy neighbor peddle-pushing her way into their lives. She’s funny enough to make you wonder why she didn’t do more comedy. B

Seven Thieves
To prep for her performance as a stripper who joins Edward G. Robinson’s gang in planning a casino heist, Collins took lessons from famed burlesque queen Candy Barr. The payoff is overshadowed by implausible plotting and Rod Steiger’s hammy overacting. B-