By Amy Ryan
Updated June 29, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Taking an extra-long weekend in anticipation of next Wednesday’s holiday? Got some time to kill? Spend your weekend enjoyng these two lists, both larded with YouTube clips. The first, from Q, counts down the 20 loudest albums of all time. The usual metal and hardcore punk suspects are here (though, as Stereogum jokingly notes, shouldn’t Spinal Tap, with amps that go to 11, be here somewhere?). Quibble with their selections if you like, but appreciate the value of a list that offers a link to this rare clip of Lou Reed performing the Velvet Underground’s epic noisefest “Sister Ray” from White Light/White Heat (No. 20 on the list).

Check out the other time-sucking list after the jump.

Meanwhile, Maxim has collected what it calls the crappiest commercials ever. (Link contains some NSFW language.) They’re not; in fact, some of them appear on this list of dementedly brilliant local-market TV spots. (No doubt you can think of worse ads.) Still, without this feature, we’d never have come across the clip below, bringing the good news that Satan is, in fact dead, having met his demise in a church parking lot in Waynesville, Mississippi. Guess that makes one more reason to celebrate this holiday weekend.