Speaking of weird band names, how’s Ebony Bones for a leadvocalist? The British singer (née Ebony Thomas) has given up her career as asoap star and teamed up with the Damneddrummer Rat Scabies to pursue a music career. While I can’t say Icaught her run on Family Affairsduring my sojourns on the other side of the pond (I’m an Eastenders man myself), I’m not surprised that she was nominatedthree times for the British Soap Awards’ “Sexiest Female” category.

Anyway, Scabies and Co. may not have made the Ratatouille soundtrack, but Ebony — who, to my eyes, looks like Lil Kim’s English doppelganger — has picked up aconsiderable word-of-mouth (read: MySpace) buzz in the UK, leading to a coveted spot on last week’s Glastonbury Festival roster. With a truly wild wardrobe, arocking band, and a raw sound somewhere in between M.I.A. and Talking Heads(just listen for yourself — Harry Potter fans should beware that MySpaceprofile is slightly NSFW), Ebony’s definitely someone to keep an eye on. Justdon’t go blind staring at the slightly seizure-inducing video for “Don’t Farton My Heart,” (below), which looks more suited for the Tate Modern than MTV. If you’restill on the fence after that, check out the Ebony Bones remixes, including a London adaptation of Sister Nancy’s calypso-flavored “Bam Bam.”

Any first impressions, PopWatchers? She’s definitelyunpolished, but her lyrics are cheekily bizarre and her influences seem to beall over the place — both positives as far as I’m concerned. And while the unsigned hype may have to stop desecratingEbony magazine if she gets adeal, I’d love to see her go to town on faux-female rockers like Avril. Could she be thenext in the M.I.A./Lady Sovereign/Lily Allen/Amy Winehouse lineage? (And bythat I mean London-bred female singers who appear to be somewhat unhinged, yetwhom we can’t stop listening to.) Or is this just noise?