By Mandi Bierly
June 29, 2007 at 04:00 PM EDT
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Perhaps it’s only a war in my mind because I’m desperate to see more of Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant (pictured, right) at the moment. But play along: Will Olyphant (currently the baddie in Live Free or Die Hard) or his Las Vegas lookalike Josh Duhamel (left), featured in next week’s Transformers, emerge the bigger star this summer? And by “bigger star,” I mean “the one who’ll get offered the roles they’ll both be considered for first.”

The reasons I’m on Team Olyphant:

• He finally found a hair length that doesn’t make him look at all slimy. With that killer smirk, you know this took some work.

• He’s already shown range, while Duhamel has primarily shown skin. (Not that I’m complaining.)

• He uses double guns as assassin Agent 47 in October’s Hitman. And I love double guns. (I hope you’re growing your hair back, Mister.)

• He’s the sports reporter for Indie 103.1 FM‘s morning show with Joe Escalante, which is way cooler than dating Fergie. Olyphant had appeared on the program to promote the third season of Deadwood, and heard the station was planning on hiring a sports guy. He just started calling in every morning. That was over a year ago. Some recent highlights:

— 6/21: He’s traveling, so he gets someone to fill in for him: Crispin Glover.

— 6/18: He’s in Berlin promoting Die Hard and finds out that Tom Cruise and his Go costar Katie Holmes are guests at the same hotel. “My wife is like, ‘Oh, we gotta call Katie.’ Like losers, we went down to the concierge and we’re like, ‘Listen, we want to leave a message for Katie.’ And they’re like, ‘Katie who?’ And I said, ‘Don’t f— around. Katie Holmes. You know she’s staying here.’ And they said, ‘We have no guest here under that name.’ I said, ‘What about Mrs. Cruise? Do you have a Mrs. Cruise here, jack—? You know I’m in the movies. Come on!’ …. I just about got thrown out of the hotel.” He also reveals that his new film is called Die Hard 4.0 in Germany: “They don’t do that bull—- Live Free or Die Hard like we do back in the States.”

— 6/15: It’s his last day filming Hitman in Bulgaria. (Yes, he phoned in from Bulgaria.) He starts his report by quoting LL Cool J: “I’m going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali. I’m going back to Cali. To Cali.”

— 6/14: He’s afraid listeners will miss Svet, who’s been his assistant in Bulgaria, so he has him deliver the report and feeds him lines. (Svet also delivered the report solo on 5/25, when Olyphant had to film a fight scene.)

— 6/1: He jokingly threatens to leave Bulgaria with two weeks to go on the movie because he can’t get a basketball game on TV there.

— 5/23: “Joe, get met the f— out of here, dude…This movie better be good.”

— 5/21: “I got a day off today. You know what they say here in Bulgaria, right? The only thing worse than working in Bulgaria is a day off in Bulgaria.”

Who’s with me?

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