By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 28, 2007 at 07:39 PM EDT

Today, it’s official: The Spice Girls are reuniting for a world tour (11 dates have been announced, starting Dec. 7 in L.A.), and as you’ll see in the eight-minute video below, no one is more excited about it than… the Spice Girls! Let’s hear from Baby: “The big news is we’re going on tour! Global! Very exciting! A little bit scary! But I can’t wait!”

The five women look fabulous — especially Ginger (still my fave), who claims the fans really brought the Girls back together: “You could almost feel the energy, and the want, and the need for it.” (She also takes some credit herself. After spending time with a few of the Girls, she woke up the next morning and, “I was lying in my bed, and I went, ‘I want to be a Spice Girl!’ And then I went, ‘Ohmygod, I am a Spice Girl!’ I quickly rang Emma, and I went, ‘I want to be a Spice Girl! And she’s like, ‘Me, too!’) The tour, and a greatest hits album, will be overseen by the Spice Girls’ original mastermind, Simon Fuller (American Idol).

So tell us: Will you be there for the Spice Girls, or did you stop feeling the Girl Power long ago?

After the jump, we tackle the day’s other big announcement…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has just ordered 18 more episodes of the According to Jim! We here at PopWatch don’t recall hearing about any Jericho-magnitude campaigns to save the show after it was booted from the fall schedule and presumed canceled back in May — and we sit firmly in the “Not to Care” camp. Still, should someone post a genuine, passionate defense of the series below, I promise to give it a chance when it returns to the schedule. I was, after all, wrong about Reba.