By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 28, 2007 at 07:23 PM EDT

I’ve accepted that I’m a slightly excitable person, meaning: If I like something, I really like it; and if I don’t, I can still usually find something to appreciate in it anyway. I suppose it’s even one of the qualities I’ve come to like most about myself in recent years. But this past week, I’ve had such strong reactions to things that I’ve begun to question whether I’m normal. As usual, I turn to you, PopWatchers, to make me feel sane. I share my moments, you share yours.

• Last Saturday, I saw my first ad for the July 7 Lifetime Movie Network premiere of Destination: Infestation, a film about an airplane overrun by ants. ANTS! It stars Antonio Sabato Jr. (pictured), and did I mention that it’s called Destination: Infestation? I got chills and sat there repeating the title to myself, out loud, for a good ten seconds. (Note to LMN: You really should be advertising this on your website. I would’ve linked.)

addCredit(“Antonio Sabato Jr.: Tony Barson/”)

• On Monday, NBC should have had a camera on me while I watched episode 2 of Age of Loveand put the live feed in a little box on the bottom left of the screen.It was the best workout I’ve had in months. I was beating the couchwith a pillow (when I wasn’t using one of my hands to press the mutebutton — like when Tessa said she had “great morals and greatthoughts”). I then called my friend Eva in L.A. and spent anotherhour convincing her that she had to watch, if only to see what I mayhave called “the best moment of TV ever” — the scene in the hot tubwhere bachelor Mark Philippoussis and his bikini’d twentysomething”kittens” sat in painfully awkward silence as he looked like he wantedto kill himself. (Watch the episode here.)

• Finally, on Tuesday, I went to a screening of the upcoming feature documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters(in theaters August 17). It’s the story of two men’s epic battle to berecognized as the highest scorer on Donkey Kong. At one point, whenchallenger Steve Wiebe prepares to do battle, “Eye of the Tiger” plays.I was so pumped up for him that I air-boxed to the opening beats. Whoam I? And if any of the four other people in the screening room wererooting for gaming legend Billy Mitchell, I apologize if you overheardme turn to my friend Ian and say, “Suck it, Billy!”

Your turn. Have you had a strong reaction to a TV or movie moment that kinda scared you?