By EW Staff
Updated June 27, 2007 at 08:22 PM EDT

Marvel vs. DC. For as long as we can remember, these two comic-book-publishing juggernauts have been waging a war of super-heroic proportions — each trying to win the hearts and minds (and cash) of fans. (They’ve even done battle on the comic-book page, perhaps most famously in the 1976 one-shot Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man.) These days, they’re slugging it out at the box office, with DC’s rejuvenated Superman and Batman franchises squaring off against Marvel’s Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. The companies’ Spandex-ed rivalry calls to mind another clash of titans: Mac vs. PC. As this Apple ad-spoofing video reveals, it turns out our favorite superheroes aren’t so different from their computerized counterparts after all.

You can see the other clips on YouTube: here, here, and here. Me, I’ll stick to the guy with the webs when it comes to Underroos. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Are you a citizen of the DC Nation? Or do you still have your Merry Marvel Marching Society membership card? And who would prevail in a Brandon Routh/Tobey Maguire Superman vs. Spider-Man movie?