By Shirley Halperin
June 23, 2007 at 09:57 PM EDT

“Foo, foo, foo…” The chant started as soon as the lights dimmed last night at Paladino’s bar, deep — and I mean way deep — in the San Fernando Valley. Dave Grohl and his wrecking crew (drummer Taylor Hawkins and bassist Nate Mendel) like to use this random Tarzana watering hole as a practice space of sorts. It’s the third time in as many years that they’ve taken it over and put on an arena-powered show for a small group of friends, family, fans and industry supporters. Why last night? To warm up for their opening slot at this weekend’s Police show at Dodger Stadium, for one. “Saturday we gotta play a f—in’ big show,” Grohl teased from the stage, “so we figured we’d shake off some of the cobwebs.” And secondly, to ready the Foo Fighters army for another album, due this fall (I’ve heard it, and it’s fierce). More, including the set list, after the jump.

But this gig was all about the hits, which really doesn’t take all thatmuch effort from the Foos, seeing as they have so many of them. Grohlkicked things off with “Breakout,” off of 1999’s There is Nothing Left to Lose,then didn’t miss a beat segueing into the anthemic “Times Like These.”What followed was a bucket-full of sweat for the folks in the frontrow, and a barrage of ear-shredding guitars for the rest of us,interspersed with Grohl’s zany onstage banter (like when he forgot thelyrics to “For All the Cows” and remarked mid-song: “Note to self: gohome and learn the f—in’ words.”). The hour-and-a-half set includedan eight-minute long “Stacked Actors,” and an extended jam on “MonkeyWrench” during which the band broke out into reggae-, polka-, and BadBrains-versions of the riff. The Foos also debuted a new track with acurious title, “Cheer Up Boys, Your Make-up is Running” (a slag onpretty boy emo bands? Hmmm…) and dedicated “Best of You” to Prince, whoperformed the song during this year’s Super Bowl, much to Grohl’sdelight. The encore “New Way Home,” Grohl explained, was a song theyhadn’t played in years, but seemed all the more fitting, considering2007 marks the tenth anniversary of the Foos’ monumental The Colour and the Shape album. (Plus, it’s one of my all-time faves.) Indeed, it was a glorious night in the Valley. The full set-list:

Times Like These
All My Life
My Hero
Learn to Fly
Cheer Up Boys, Your Make-up is Running
For All the Cows
Stacked Actors
Monkey Wrench
Best of You
New Way Home