See why Bijou Phillips, Misshapes, and others made our Ultimate Must List

By EW Staff
Updated June 22, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Nate ”DanjaHandz” Hills
Rhythm Maker

AGE 26

WHY HIM He’s co-produced six No. 1 singles in the last year, including Justin Timberlake’s ”My Love” and Nelly Furtado’s ”Say It Right.” But don’t call Hills a star. ”I’m not a standout type of person,” explains the Timbaland protégé. His look is accordingly low-key, based on slimming streetwear like his Christian Audigier shirt and black jeans. ”I’m trying to work out and keep my sexy going,” he says. ”Living in Miami, you have to.”

MINUTE HANDZ Unlike many of his peers, Hills is faithful to classic accessories: diamond studs (one carat in each ear) and his Breitling watch. ”I’ve been in the room with people who had diamonds on their watches, and this watch steals all the attention.”

Bijou Phillips
Mix Master

AGE 27

WHY HER ”I’m pretty eclectic,” says Phillips, star of Hostel: Part II. She’s talking about her fashion sense but could also be describing her career, which has included forays into modeling, singing, and acting.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Phillips, daughter of the Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips, mixes hippie-inspired pieces like this flirty long dress by Daughters of the Revolution with whimsical touches like kitschy jewelry designed by Kidada Jones. ”She’s one of my best friends,” says the actress. ”[Her bracelets] are kind of hip-hop and kind of fairy princess.”

SECRET TALENT ”I make amazing hot sauces from scratch,” she says. ”Usually, if I have a party I’ll make three or four, and they have to have signs in front of them, like ‘Bijou’s Death.”’

Ginnifer Goodwin
Goodwill Hunter

AGE 29

WHY HER She adds fizzy charm to HBO’s Big Love as Margene, the youngest of three wives in a polygamous family, and Goodwin isn’t afraid to sacrifice her own style for the role. ”We have a rule on the show,” says the actress during a break from shooting Laws of Motion with Hilary Swank and Matthew Perry. ”If I think it’s cute, Margene can’t wear it.” Then there’s the ”Yorkie hair” rule: ”If you can do it to a Yorkie or a 5-year-old, we do it to Margene.”

SPLITTING ERAS Goodwin pairs a tailored flea-market dress with quirky accessories, such as white patent leather wedges and a satin belt made from gift-box ribbon. ”I’m never head-to-toe modern, but I’m never head-to-toe vintage,” says the Tennessee native. ”It’s all about balance.”

Will Allison
Author at Ease

AGE 38

WHY HIM Allison’s What You Have Left, about three generations of a dysfunctional family, is one of the year’s best fiction debuts.

STRONG SUIT Although the South Carolina-born author loves being able to ”wear casual clothes and never tuck in my shirt,” he’s equally at home in a summer-weight suit. ”It’s kind of goofy,” says Allison, who now lives in New Jersey, ”but I feel like it’s okay for me to wear seersucker because I’m Southern.”

LORD OF THE RINGS ”I have a wedding band, and I have an engagement ring. It looks like a double-banded silver thing, but it’s two platinum bands.” One bears an inscription from his wife on the inside, ”but we haven’t been able to get the ring off my finger, and we can’t quite remember what the inscription is.”

Party Posse

WHY THEM New York-based DJs and fashion icons the Misshapes (Greg Krelenstein, 26; Leigh Lezark, 23; Geordon Nicol, 23) host infamous Saturday-night dance parties that are as star-packed as dinner at Nobu but perhaps a little more boozy. Now the trio have compiled photos of their soirees’ most famous alums for a style book due for release in September. ”We take care of them the way we take care of any of our friends,” Nicol says of the celebs.

HER MADGESTY ”The night that Madonna came was my birthday,” Nicol recalls. ”She just wanted to come and be a part of the party. We were expecting a total diva and we got the total opposite.”

STAR ATTRACTION ”We never court celebrities to come. We’re not a bottle-service club. We just have our dance party and we get a lot of interesting people showing up because they’ve heard it’s a fun time. It’s funny, the next day we’ll look through the photos and we’ll notice this person or that person.”