By Gregory Kirschling
Updated June 22, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Steven Spielberg/Courtesy Lucasfilm Ltd.

I don’t care how much you might hate the idea of a 64-year-old Harrison Ford putting his battered fedora back on for next summer’s Indiana Jones 4 — don’t you look at this first official photo, taken yesterday on the set (by this fella named Steven Spielberg), and get at least a little excited?

Indy doesn’t look that elderly. And it’s great that nobody’s hiding the gray hairs and peppery stubble. With Spielberg directing, a movie about Indiana Jones as an old guy still bouncing around is inherently mysterious. I wanna see where they go with it — more than I wanna see any movie coming out between now and then, honestly.

And I’m telling you, Ford can still handle the action. In June 2005, I spent two days on the set of Firewall in Canada, and I watched Ford fly through windows and fall down a lot as he shot that movie’s fisticuffs-packed climax. I don’t care who you are; the Harrison Ford I saw two years ago could still kick the crap out of you. Indiana Jones lives!

addCredit(“Steven Spielberg/Courtesy Lucasfilm Ltd.”)