June 21, 2007 at 08:04 PM EDT

Let the record show that I am a huge Mariah Carey fan. At her 2003 Charmbracelet tour, she walked past my row and I cried for 30 seconds (stopping only after I saw the horrified glances from my friends). And last September, when I got an email notifying me that I had won front row seats to her The Adventures of Mimi tour, I tracked down the fan club publicist to make sure that it wasn’t a cruel joke. (It wasn’t — I was thisclose to Mimi as she hit high note after high note). So a part of me rejoiced when I learned that Mariah will be releasing her own fragrance — called M by Mariah Carey.

As someone who owns an “I heart MC” tank top , two Honey B. Fly t-shirts, an HBF camo hat, and a fan club membership card (really), I feel conflicted. And I must say, the packaging is adorable — a floral-shaped purple bottle with a butterfly on top. But for you, PopWatchers, I’ve dug deep — past my MC love — to pose this question: Do we really need another celebrity fragrance?

Among Mimi’s competitors in the perfumery are purported rival J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, and Hilary Duff. Not to mention, her fragrance is fresh off the heels of Prince’s 3121. There’s no word yet on what her fragrance will smell like. (What is the scent of staying power?)

You buying, PopWatchers? I’m not one for bottled fame, and I haven’t worn perfume since Ralph by Ralph Lauren, but I just might have to have that cute bottle.

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