By Chris Schonberger
Updated June 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Movie theaters are littered with movies based on comic books, video games, and even amusement-park rides, so it’s not surprising that studio execs are on the lookout forthe next big nostalgia-laden product to milk. But seriously: Are the boardgames of yesteryear really the blockbusters of the future? Didn’t anyone see Clue?

Apparently, toymakers like Hasbro and Mattel think they can followMarvel’s lead — and with some guidance from the William Morris agency —they’ve announced plans to give classic board games like Candyland and TrivialPursuit the big-screen treatment. TheSunday Times of Londonhas even reported that Ridley Scott will direct a film based on…Monopoly. The game may seem hopelessly old school, but Hasbro wants to sex up its image and is said to be targeting ScarlettJohansson (pictured) and Kirsten Dunst for the lead roles. (They’d just better hope thatHerbie is available, or else they’ll be hard-pressed to find another talkingcar.) I have no idea how the film will turn out, but if it’s anything like the Monopoly games I’m used to, it will mostcertainly end in tears. Also, for some reason I can’t stop thinking, ”Wall St. meets Erin Brockovich meets Jumanji,”which actually sounds pretty incredible.

While it’s easy to dismiss a Monopoly movie as an absurd plea for relevancy from agingtoymakers, I’m sort of intrigued to see what Scott will do with Rich UnclePennybags. Is anyone else at all excited forthis? If Monopoly’s not your style,what other board games could you see working on film?

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