By Amy Ryan
Updated June 15, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Let’s see, once again, Forbes magazine’s annual Celebrity 100 power list is out, once again Oprah is the most powerful celeb in the universe, and once again, I’m not sure why I should care. There’s some amusement in noting which stars dropped off the list this year (sorry, J. Lo). And hours of fun can be spent pondering how the mysterious formula that Forbes uses to number-crunch a star’s earnings, media exposure, and other variables in order to determine the rankings results in some puzzling anomalies (Brad Pitt is No. 5 but Angelina Jolie is nine slots below him? David Letterman is at No. 17 while the higher-rated Leno is down at No. 26? The Desperate Housewives cast ranks above J.K. Rowling? Bon Jovi made the top 20?). But beyond that, what’s it all mean? Is there a deeper significance to be mined from this list, a lesson about what it takes to rise to the top of the showbiz ladder in 2007? Enlighten me, PopWatchers.