Fox releases the previously unavailable ''Author! Author!'' and ''The Panic in Needle Park''

By Chris Nashawaty
June 15, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Pacino on DVD

As for the rub-on tattoos, Fox is also releasing two previously unavailable Pacino DVDs: Author! Author! (1982), a schmaltzy dysfunctional-family comedy you may want to watch with some insulin handy, and 1971’s young-junkies-in-love saga The Panic in Needle Park, which costars the waifishly vulnerable Kitty Winn. Released eight months before The Godfather made him a star, Panic is a welcome reminder of what a subtle actor Pacino was before he caved in to his more grandstanding (Hoo-ahh!) instincts. Author!: C Panic: A-