By Chris Nashawaty
Updated June 15, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

When I was a kid, a traveling fair would come to my town. One highlight was a guy selling ”mystery bags” for a dollar. There was no way to know what lay inside — maybe a tin kazoo, maybe some rub-on tattoos. That was the fun. Kind of like Fox’s new grab bag of Al Pacino titles.

Don’t expect to find Serpico or Dog Day Afternoon in the four-disc Pacino: An Actor’s Vision, just tin kazoos: 2005’s Babbleonia is Pacino’s slightly tedious, Inside the Actors Studio-ish documentary about his Off Off Broadway roots; 1990’s The Local Stigmatic features Pacino and CSI‘s Paul Guilfoyle as East End thugs and is notable only for Pacino’s dodgy Cockney accent; 1996’s Looking for Richard is a slightly wiggy meditation on Shakespeare’s Richard III. The real surprise of the set is 2000’s Chinese Coffee, a heartbreaking two-hander about a pair of highly literate Greenwich Village losers played by Pacino and Jerry Orbach. B-